Money shouldn’t be a barrier to entry for art. Torrenting is a way around this.

As seen in recent years, the way that the internet has been so radically compartmentalized and commercialized is an indicator that easy access to film art is in danger of relative extinction. Piracy subverts censorship. Moreover, the streaming service hegemony has greatly decreased the amount of films available for consumption, and even still, those services cost money for a subscription. Streaming services are also under the rule of Hollywood copyright laws, which causes certain films to be available and certain films to never be available. They also curate their libraries based off what their demographics deem “most popular”, which on its own is a fine phenomenon, but it comes at the expense of lesser-known films. Even streaming services which have a large quantity of “art” films on their platform (Criterion Channel, MUBI, etc.) are radically Western in their library, and routinely ignore films from massive film communities such as India, causing their viewers to ignore so many great works of art. “Free” films without piracy (essentially only low quality rips on Youtube) are subject to copyright bots and therefore cannot be trusted to last long on the modern internet.

None of these structures should exist, as they are damaging to film culture as well as society as a whole (you could argue these things are one and the same). A healthy film piracy community can help regrow these bonds.

In looking at the recent legal case against the Internet Archive, in which they acted as a free library during the pandemic and promptly got sued by multiple publishing companies for copyright infringement; a case which they have effectively lost and will end their website, it must be noted that this trend will probably continue. Censorship, by both corporations and the government, is incredibly alive and well, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Piracy of all forms allows the user to subvert these ever-tightening boundaries.

Share this with your friends, start film clubs, start file sharing discord servers, watch good movies. Have a good time! Film is a collective experience, and society only serves to be better when we all watch more movies together.

Thank you.


      1. Optional but recommended step: use a vpn
      2. Open up your favorite web browser and go to private browsing mode
      3. Open up your favorite search engine and search "qbittorrent download"
      4. Download whichever version works best for your operating system
      5. Go back to private browsing and search RARBG
      6. Search for your favorite movie
      7. Select a file with a good file size as well as a healthy number of seeders
      8. Click on the magnet icon and go to qbitorrent
      9. Select only the files you want to have and click "ok"
     10. Enjoy!

thislight.org (http://thislight.org/ThisLight_Creed.html in particular)
myflixer.to (good in a time crunch)
questions or comments: vinnniepasquantinofan@gmail.com